Your Pages

In this guide we will show you how to use ‘Pages

There are many different types of pages that can be created, they are different in the way that they present your content. However if you master the process of creating a ‘Standard’ page then you’ll know how to make the rest of the pages as the same tools are used throughout e.g. Standard, Blog, Product, News etc.

To create a page simply navigate to ‘Pages’ in the menubar and in the dropdown menu click on ‘Standard’.

Here is a list all of your existing pages, you can choose to edit or delete them right here.

To create a new page click the button ‘Add new page


Here the most important field is the Page Title, also known as the H1 tag. Try and make this title as uniquely appropriate as possible. The navigation menu name field is the name you give this page in the page manager which only you will see.


Decide which section you would like your new page to be added

Filling out the other fields here depends on your level of understanding of them. They are not required to create a page however if you dedicate some time to learning about the various fields, you can use them effectively if you wish.

Navigate to the ‘Page content’ field. Here is where you put the content for the page that is visible to people visiting the page. If you’re familiar with Microsoft word or any other word processors, you should find this interface very familiar. You have the ability to change formatting, include links, include pictures, style your text, embed videos and many other things. You can do whatever you want with the content here.


When you are happy with everything, simply navigate to the bottom of the page and click the Submit changes button.

Now if you switch to the ‘front end’ tab and refresh, you will be able to see your new page