Your Dashboard

In this guide we will introduce you to the dashboard

  • If you have a Google Analytics account you can connect it to your BuildCMS
  • Right at the top of your dashboard you will have a line graph that displays user sessions data from your google analytics account
  • On the bottom left you can see some information about how to get in touch with Serif if you are having difficulties. And also there’s a link that takes you our helpdesk, this is the quickest way to get help and support from Serif to registering a support ticket
  • On the right side you will be able to see any important updates directly from Serif regarding BuildCMS functionality and general relevant updates to keep you informed of system improvements and plans


Pages and Visitors are both reports from your Google Analytics account


If you navigate to ‘Pages’ on the left side and click you will see relevant data about your top performing pages determined by hits. In the middle you will see data regarding your bounce rates and on the right you can see your top performing keywords


If you navigate to to ‘Visitors’ on the left side and click you will see data about where geographically your traffic is coming from, what are the top referrers and what percentage of visitors and new and returning. With this information you will be able to optimise your site and provide the best user experience