Getting Started with BuildCMS™

BuildCMS (Advanced Content Management System) is the ultimate quick and easy way to get a professional, interactive site online without spending hours wrestling with code. Whether you want to start selling products online, run a community website, share your photos in a gallery or join the blogging fraternity, BuildCMS makes it all possible through our unique and acclaimed product.

In this article, you'll learn some basics about how to use BuildCMS that can help you as you work.


Before You Start

BuildCMS is a web-based application that works in most web browsers but works best in Mozilla Firefox, which means you don't need to download or install any software on your PC or Mac. If you do not have Mozilla Firefox you can click the link below to download and install the browser to have the best user experience. Download Mozilla Firefox

In these guides, we will refer to the BuildCMS tools as the ‘back-end’ of your site, where you are able to edit your content. And we will refer to your live website as the ‘front-end' We also recommend that you have two tabs open side by side. One tab for having your ‘back-end’ open and the other tab for having your ‘front-end open’, that way you can switch easily between the two to view your progress.

Logging Into BuildCMS

Go to the Login Portal (

To log into BuildCMS you will your registered email address and password.




Select the site you want to manage