Creating a Mail Form page

In this guide we will show you how to use create a 'Mail Form

Mail Form is placed on a website in order to collect customer information. Usually these forms ask for your name, address and other questions that relate to your business' needs for data that is useful. This information is then directly emailed to you or anyone you choose. 

To create a Mail Form simply navigate to ‘Pages’ in the menubar and in the dropdown menu click on ‘Mail Form’.


Here is a list all of your existing mail form pages, you can choose to edit or delete them right here.

To create a new page click the button ‘Add new page


Here the most important field is the Page Title, also known as the H1 tag. Try and make this title as uniquely appropriate as possible. The navigation menu name field is the name you give this page in the page manager which only you will see.


When you are happy with everything, simply navigate to the bottom of the page and click the Submit changes button.

To edit/delete/add fields to your Mail Form, simply navigate to 'Edit/delete/add fields'


As you can see, a list of your existing fields will be shown, you can Edit and Delete them right here


If you click on Add new field you can create the type of field you require. There are many different types of fields you can create, you can find out about each field in more detail if you click on the More info button on the field type line