Background Images

In this guide we will show you how to use 'Background Images'.

BuildCMS allows you to change the background of your website. A Background image can be applied to the whole website, a section or individual pages. Two or more images can be assigned to a website or webpage, this will cause the background to fade from one image to the next in a continuous loop. Images chosen as Background Images will automatically resize to fit any screen.

To add a background image simply navigate to 'Settings' in the menubar and in the dropdown menu click on 'Background Images'.


This is the Background Image Manager. Your website content is displayed in a Site Tree view. Here you can add, edit or delete your website’s Background Images.


To add a Background Image to the website, a section or individual page, click on an 'Edit Background Images' button (an orange button with a white ‘picture’ icon), that correlates with the area of the website you wish to assign a Background Image to.

The priority of the Background Images follows the hierarchy of the website. A Background Image assigned to an individual page will be used over Background Images signed to that section and the Site.  A Background Image assigned to section will be used over Background Images signed to the Site.


In the Background Images page click the 'Select an image' button. This will open a popover window of your website’s Images folder. Select an image. Click the top left Choose button.


More than one image may be selected. When two or more images are assigned to the website or page, the background will rotate between them.

By clicking the four buttons on the right hand side of a background image, a background image can be deletedpreviewed and moved left and moved right to rearrange image order.

When satisfied click the 'Submit Changes' button.

The Site Tree will display assigned Background Images. Background Images can be added, edited and deleted.

If needed you can click the 'Delete all Background Images' (an orange button with a white bin icon). This will remove all current background assigned images.