Your Assets Manager

In this guide we will introduce you to Assets and show you how to create subfolders and move files around

Your assets is a clever system that lets you quickly and easily upload multiple files, stores and lets you organise images and documents that you’ll use across your website.

Uploaded documents can be used as a source of information where your clients can click a link to download the document. Many different types of documents can be used such as .pdf/.docx/.csv/.txt etc.


Simply navigate to the menu bar and click ‘Assets


Your Assets manager window should appear, showing you all the folders and files that you have.


If you click on the arrow icon of a folder, a list of subfolders within the folder will be shown

To create a new subfolder make sure you click the folder that you want the subfolder to be in navigate to the ‘New Subfolder’ button at the top of the manager. Then input the name you want to give the folder and press ‘OK


The subfolder shall now appear in the list of folders and subfolders.


To move/copy files into this subfolder, simply select the file or multiple files and drag them into the desired destination folder, you will be given the option to either move or copy files. In this instance we’re going to copy them in the new subfolder.


As you can see the files have successfully copied into the new subfolder.