Advanced Website Content Management

BuildCMS™ (Content Management System) is the ultimate quick and easy way to get a professional, interactive site online without spending hours wrestling with code. Whether you want to start selling products online, run a community website, share your photos in a gallery or join the blogging fraternity, BuildCMS™ makes it all possible through our unique and acclaimed product.

No technical knowledge is required to build and manage a great looking professional website, you could have a superb site up and running in ten minutes.

Easy to Use, Live Web Interface, designed from the bottom up for none-technical users, basically, if you can edit a document in MS Word or other Word Processing software you can build your own site using BuildCMS™.

The BuildCMS™ Content Management System is perfect for your business, charity or school and has many uses which go well beyond the normal single website model. Many websites can be set up in an organisation, e.g. one for each department, office or classroom and information can be entered easily by non-trained people which can be made available through RSS feeds to a central website or the other way round.

Because your template is designed by professional web designers you can be sure your customers will be greeted with a professional-standard site at a much cheaper rate than if you hired a web designer directly.

If you would be interested in a no-hassle, inexpensive website completely under your control, please contact us using the contact form on this site. We will be happy to talk over your requirements.
What can I do with BuildCMS™?

The simple answer is that you can do virtually anything you could with a standard website. BuildCMS™ provides all the functionality for you to create a killer website that works for you and more so your customers.

BuildCMS™ is an advanced content management system and is built to put you in control of your website. Whether it is e-commerce you are looking for or just a promotional working website you can guarantee that one of BuildCMS will suit your needs and objectives.
Advanced content management systems features:

  • Add unlimited new pages
  • Edit existing pages through a MS Word style editor
  • Edit existing pages using a HTML editor
  • Change font styles & sizes
  • News Pages with built in RSS feed subscription
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Add/upload images from your PC desktop
  • Upload audio and video clips, Podcasts, PDFs, Word documents, Flash files and more for your users to download
  • Blogging pages with built in RSS feed subscription
  • Gallery pages
  • Internal and external hyperlink tools
  • E-marketing features include e-newsletters to your clients and a auto subscription process
  • RSS feed pages - use this feature to automatically add relevant content to your site.
  • Calendar based events and news features.
  • Tailor e-newsletter groups to send information according to consumer preference
  • Create unlimited online feedback forms

We can customise your advanced content management systems that you require so please contact us with your requirements. Whether you are looking for a Bespoke content management system or a completely bespoke designed site, Pi Internet Ltd can give you an unparalleled service.

SEO Packages are also available.

Not only can you do all this but you can do it as often as you want at no extra charge. For example, news on your site can be kept completely up to date because you have the power to make changes instantly, or new products can be shown on the web the minute they become available.

And BuildCMS™ is available in an extensive range of packages with a variety of bolt-on additional modules so you only ever pay for what you need.

Why Choose BuildCMS™?

BuildCMS™ is the solution to a couple of problems we saw time and again - people being priced out of having a fully functional website.

Hiring someone to create a website is a costly business: graphics and layouts need to be created, prepared for the web and tested, logos need to be fitted into the layout, content needs to be collected and edited, keywords for search engines need to be placed in the text, page order needs to be decided and then it all has to be put together by a skilled web designer in such a way that it is accessible to visitors and search engines alike. All this adds up to more initial outlay than many clients would like to invest in their website.

Then, as soon as this has all been done, the site begins to go out of date. The less it's changed the less reason there is for visitors to come back and search engines, knowing this, start to let it slip down the rankings. So it's back to the web designer for an update: new graphics, new content and, of course, more expense. Not to mention waiting while the web designer fits you into their diary

BuildCMS™ advanced content management system changes all this - with a website where you are in control.  Why pay a web designer to do things you could do yourself? Why wait to fit into their schedule when you have time in yours and you want the changes done now?

Also BuildCMS™ has flexibility built in. Each package comes with as many pages as you need. But if you want to add more pages at any time you are free to add them and you will only be charged for the time they are there. And at a very reasonable rate.

How Does BuildCMS™ Work?

There are two parts to a CMS website. The front end (the part that visitors see when they come to your site) and the tools pages. The tools pages are password-protected for complete security and by accessing these pages you will be able to take complete control over your site, making all the changes you need at any time.

To ensure you get the most out of BuildCMS™ , each element of your site can be changed from a different tools page all of which have easy-to-understand instructions. Need to change your logo? Simply go to the Select A Logo page and choose one. Need to allow visitors to download a Word document? Just go to Document Upload Manager and follow the easy steps to put the document into your web space, then go to whichever page you want the document on and add a link to that document. It's that easy.

You can make as many changes as you want, whenever you want. You can add pages, delete them, move them around. You can change addresses, phone numbers and links at the click of a mouse. And BuildCMS™ sites are template based so you can even change the whole layout, design and look of your website instantly and without having to pay through the nose for a redesign.

To help BuildCMS™ be even more trouble-free there is an extensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page containing a wealth of information on using your Build tools as well as general advice on designing your website.

Plus, more features and templates are being added all the time, meaning that whenever you visit your tools pages there may be something more to offer your visitors.
How do I find out more?

If you would like to sign up for a new website please contact us via our help desk and we will get you up and running in no time.