Build CMS Content Management System

No technical knowledge is required to build and manage a great looking professional website, you could have a superb site up and running in ten minutes.

Build CMS (Content Management System) is the ultimate quick and easy way to get a professional, interactive site online without spending hours wrestling with code. Whether you want to start selling products online, run a community website, share your photos in a gallery or join the blogging fraternity, Build CMS makes it all possible through our unique and acclaimed product.

Easy to Use, Live Web Interface

Designed from the bottom up for none-technical users, basically if you can edit a document in MS Word or other Word Processing software you can build you own site using Build CMS

The Build Content Management System is perfect for your business, charity or school and has many uses which go well beyond the normal single website model. Many websites can be set up in an organisation, e.g. one for each department, office or classroom and information can be entered easily by non trained people which can be made available through RSS feeds to a central website or the other way round.

Because your template is designed by professional web designers you can be sure your customers will be greeted with a professional-standard site at a much cheaper rate than if you hired a web designer directly.

If you would be interested in a no-hassle, inexpensive website completely under your control, please contact us using the contact form on this site. We will be happy to talk over your requirements.